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It’s OFFICIALLY HERE! FEBRUARY SELF LOVE/SELF CARE GROUP 😍🌸!!! We are #losingweight & #elevatingmindsets

I take what I do as a Coach to HEART because I know what it’s like to STRUGGLE, QUIT, FEEL FAT, UNHAPPY, and just DEFEATED!!

So I COACH my participants to have an inner transformation that reflects outward as well. But it starts with MINDSET!

I had 5 slots last month & they filled up in 10 DAYS!! If you want be next it’s time to take the plunge!

🌸 30 minute workouts from home that help tone the entire body. Melt the fat off of your body by doing the right combo of cardio & resistance training.

🌸 Revolutionize how you eat!! STOP THE MADNESS OF DIETING!
Learn to finally EAT as a lifestyle change. YES you can eat at night and lose weight. YES you can eat carbs & lose weight. YES you can actually feel full & satisfied & lose weight!
Our plan has actually advanced & ALCOHOL is even allowed!

🌸 Portion Control eating. This is the magic 😉! We all know abs are made in the kitchen and defined with fitness. Your meal plan is individualized according to your current weight & activity level!

🌸 Superfoods to fight belly fat, fight cravings, boost energy, gently detox, & provide a daily dose of dense nutrition!

🌸 Coaching by Yours Truly! Your first 30 Days are the most important to me because it lays the foundation for success! I’ll guide you through each phase of success! If you trust me, we will get you started strong & ready!

🌸 Lifetime Access to my private SELF CARE IS THE BEST CARE community. Like honestly, it’s the baddest best kept secret Mindset/Fitness Group you can be a part of 😉 lol. But seriously, we do group coaching, little contest, challenges, etc! A source of motivation & inspiration!



This is Why This Program Is Different!

Together we will identify your goals.  Knowing where you are and where you want to go is the first step.  Upon completion of the becoming clear on your goals.  We will also tap into your WIIFM & WHYSM.  Both of these will keep you motivated when things seem as if they aren’t moving along.

You will receive access to Mindset Transformation Techniques that will have you making a 180 degree transformation from old self sabotaging limiting beliefs.  As we go through the daily steps we will uncover mental and physical blocks to help you to release not only excess weight but other baggage that no longer serves you.

Together we will identify your goals.  Knowing where you are and where you want to go is the first step.  Upon completion of becoming clear on your goals, we will also tap into your WIIFM & WHYSM.  Both of these will keep you motivated when things seem as if they aren’t moving along.

My extensive training, experience and your trust allows me to help you. My client success stories reflect my ability to, time after time, help clients improve  their health and achieve a higher level of life satisfaction.

I believe in creating a healthy lifestyle change from the inside out. Many people  struggle with consistency because they are always trying diets that don’t fit their lifestyle.  They are always following a trend that isn’t allowing them to learn how to listen to their body.  True health doesn’t require fad diets.  When we follow extremely restrictive plans that leave us hungry & crashing it leads us down a path of failure. I know because I’ve been there.

Now I want to show you how to turn on your natural fat burning system that is inside of you.  When you seek health the excess weight will release itself.

This program will not have you driving to the first drive-thru you see.  You will not be hungry with my nutrition plans. The meal plans are created in conjunction with the fitness routines to help you to get the results you deserve.

I’ll also share with you my super simple tips to help curb cravings, boost energy, fight belly fat, & prevent plateaus when followed properly.  You will learn portion control eating, how to have appropriate treat meals, and live a life feeling nourished and in balance!

Weekly physical progress AND mindset progress check-ins. These weekly accountability checks are going to be the magic to your progress! I am here to serve as a sounding board and to give resolution oriented feedback to help you succeed.

  My VIP Program Gyms Personal Trainers
  $8/mo $20-50/mo $50-150/mo
Here’s How It Works!
My online fit camp is FREE, AND you’ll have access to it for as long as you want (basically as soon as today) your ONLY investment is the  A NUTRITION PACK or the HOME WORKOUT PLAN that is yours for an entire YEAR. Whether you are wanting to lose 5 pounds or 150 pounds, tone up, gain muscle mass, booty gains, waist shrinkage, or improve your flexibility, and increase your energy levels we can customize a program to meet your needs. You’ll have all the tools you need to start your transformation and begin your fitness journey right at your fingertips. 😉And unlike other fitness challenges, this is done in the privacy of your own home, the gym, your hotel room, your garage, wherever is most comfortable for you. All of you need is 30 minutes a day. Press play and prepare to sweat.

What does the Basic Package Include?
– 75 programs you can stream from your tv, phone, or computer (Just Like Netflix)
– Each program comes with its own ready to follow meal plan and grocery list of accepted foods (Vegan & Breastfeeding Friendly)
– Portion control containers and a shaker cup
– 30 healthy meals! ~ A FREE 30 day supply of our Superfood Shake! The same one you see me drinkin’ on everyday
– Access to my private, accountability group for a life time
– Access to ALL programs for an entire year!

Are You Ready To Get off the diet roller coaster and Kiss that bloated belly goodbye and say HELLO to a flatter, happier tummy?

What about tight tone thighs and butt?

Increased mental focus, stamina and natural energy?

If this describes your goals, well my friend, I’m excited to say you have arrived!  You want to simply feel better, have more natural energy, lose weight, get tight and toned, or burn serious calories this is for you!

The thing is you can do squats or sit ups until you are blue in the face but until we deal with the inner self image our work is in vain.

Join My VIP Self Care/ Self LoveProgram

What’s Included with the Self Care Is the Best Care All Access Pass?

FitnessNutrition – Support – MotivationAccountability

My Self Love Challenge will help you to:
Understand Self Sabotaging behaviors, and how to eliminate this dangerous mental block.

You will learn the power of First Loving Yourself;. When you do this you will accelerate the results you desire.

You will learn easy daily steps to do to start your day and to put yourself in the right ‘frame of mind’ where you make things happen versus watch things happen.

Some people think they don’t need self care or that they think it’s a pampering session.

Well, I wish I could tell you that were true! The truth of the matter is that all of us need to practice self care with self love.

Over the years, our environment has gotten increasingly toxic, not just with what we eat but through our water, air and what we take in via our eyes and ears.

It is said that the eyes and ears are the windows to your soul.  Whether it is music, news, television, or self talk we are constantly bombarded with toxic thoughts, words, images, and emotions.

You’ll also have access to the programs that have made helped me along with others to make a 180 degree physical transformation.    

You’ll get daily motivation

Access to over 700 workouts

meal plans

Access to our Private Accountability/Support Group, and me as your Certified Holistic Health Coach guiding you along the way.  

We will merge mindset, fitness and nutrition to get the results you are looking for.