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Welcome to Online Wellness With Nicole

A supportive place for a healthy Transformation of you, this is where I share my passion for healthy living, clean eating whole food and fitness.  I am here to help you to get healthy from the inside out one step at a time.  I am about balance, not deprivation, so let’s have fun while we get healthy, fit, and fabulous!

Before becoming an advocate for healthy living I was a busy mom who ran on fumes.  My body sent signs that I needed to take care of it, but I pushed through ignoring them and fueling with more coffee.  As a single mom (at the time) I had to chuck it up and push harder.

I woke up at the crack of dawn to get my children ready for school, go to work, come home cook clean and get ready for their after school activities.  There was no time to pay attention to the lack of attention I wasn’t paying to myself.  I just brushed it off as being tired and kept going.

Your body has a way of getting your attention and that’s what happened to me.  The first signal was a diagnosis of an autoimmune that left me fatigued and my heart was beating so hard I thought I was having a heart attack.  I had no choice but to slow down as I had no energy.  I took a break and after the symptoms went away and I was done with my first round of steroids I was back on the grind.

This is why they say stress is the silent killer.  Most women think they handle stress well, I even used to think I was driven to produce by stress I now know that is a lie.  Stress will silently attack your body and it will show up in excess weight, crabby attitude, high blood pressure and more.

Later, I noticed I began packing on pounds and having migraine headaches, moodiness, low energy and was diagnosed with high blood pressure.  I was given a presecription and sent on my way.

Its funny how moms are always taking care of others so well but take care of themselves just the opposite.  I continued to push and was hit with another diagnosis, it seem like they wouldn’t stop but now I know that’s because I didn’t.  A few years later my back was in so much pain I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t sit for long and I was over 200 pounds.  This is where I was fat, sick and tired.

After a back surgery that did not fix the problem (I still have 2 herniated disc) I decided to take my health into my own hands and that’s when I started to feel better.  So many times in between my setbacks I would try different meds, diets only to fall back into another round of feeling sick and wiped out.

This time I got to thee root of the problem instead of putting a band aid on the problem.  I took small steps to take care of myself and sure enough the pounds came off, my energy increased and I felt 100% better and it only took a few minutes a day.

Today I am a certified health, wellness and fitness coach.  I have studied the lifestyle of centurians along with those who live in what is known as “blue zone” areas.  Living a long life is great, but living a healthy, happy, vibrant life is amazing!  I now incorporate my studies that helped me to take control of my health and well-being and teach others to do the same with a flexitarian clean eating and get up and move approach.  Incorporating this lifestyle has allowed my body to reverse some major health concerns.

I have a healthy body and a healthy relationship with food.  Being a flexitarian is all about balance.  No counting calories, no constant state of deprivation.  You will learn to listen to your body and become an intuitive eater.

My online approach is great for someone on the go or a homebody. Whether you are just getting started or a novice my approach, support and guidance will help you to reach your goals.  I am here to help you take it step by step.  This is where small steps lead to BIG RESULTS!

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I am Nicole Nunez, a Holistic Health Coach. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in my 20’s, I began to expand my knowledge of reversing inflammation in the body. I have helped others to remove excess weight, migraines, regain insulin sensitivity, and to reduce joint pain. I am the proud founder of Total Transformation You where I teach practical steps in improving your lifestyle for a more healthy vibrant you. I'm not trying to look perfect. I just want to look and feel better, knowing that I'm leaving a legacy of a healthy lifestyle.

-- Nicole N